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👩‍🔬 About me

👋 Hello, I’m Maral Shamizad, an Industrial Engineering Ph.D. student at Oklahoma State University, passionate about solving complex problems in the areas of:

🔍 Operations Research 🎲 Combinatorial Optimization 🌐 Network Analysis 🧮 Integer Programming

I’m dedicated to advancing the field through innovative algorithms and data-driven insights.

You can find my CV here: CV_MaralShahmizad.pdf

📖 Publications

Find my publications here.

## 🎓 Educational Journey

📚 Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Oklahoma State University, 2021-… (USA).

🎓 MSc in Industrial Engineering from Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, 2016 (Iran).

🎓 BSc in Industrial Engineering from Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, 2013 (Iran).

🤓 Research Interests

🔍 Operations Research

🌐 Network Analysis

📈 Stochastic Optimization

🚚 Vehicle Routing Problem

🤖 Machine Learning

📦 Supply Chain Management

🌐 Let’s Connect!

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